This information has been supplied by the Pembleton Motor Company, and is correct as of July 2012.

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Easy Build

One donor vehicle is required to complete the car. The chassis is ready to accept the all major components and in no time will be on its wheels. The body panels are cut from aluminium using the patterns supplied. This is straightforward requiring no special tools. There are no compound curves and the build will be exstremely satisfying. Every effort has been made to keep 2CV parts as standard thoughout, resulting in a cheaper build and more reliability. Licencing check and motorcycle SVA are all that are required on completing the Super Sport. The Brooklands needs a licencing check and SVA test. Your car will rertain an age related number plate.


With a possible build weight of 300kg the car is exceptionally light. This reduces the stress on all the components resulting in a large improvement in performance and handling while leaving the engine in a reliable state of tune. Combined with new suspension geometry (requiring no detrimental additions such as anti-roll bars) this makes the car a delight to drive. Engine options of Citroen, Moto Guzzi and BMW give a power to weight ratio ranging from 118 to a thrilling 300BHP per ton

All of this is a result of the designers years of National Championship winning motorcyle and motor sport experience. A Pembleton really does have a race pedigree


Long or short-wheel base 3 or 4 wheel chassis are available. All incorporate a steel frame arround the cockpit, and there is a comprehensive list of extras which include full weather protection with V screen, hood, side screens and tonneau and ready cut aluminium panels


Despite being a superb quality hand built car the Pembleton can be completed for as little as £1800. It will run on unleaded fuel and can return up to 60mpg. Super Sport road tax is only £65 a year and insurance is straightforward and competitively priced.

Traditional but practical

The professionally designed tubular space frame chassis with stressed aluminium skin accepts 2CV mechanical components, world famous for reliability. With good luggage space, comfortable ride and driving position, powerful brakes and predictable handling, the Pembleton can meet the demands of todays's motorist, while providing the exhilaration of a 1920s open top sports car and any tour can be undertaken with ease.

Superb 20s sports looks

The Pembleton captures the business-like looks of the classic 1920s vintage sports acr. It can be painted and embellished with all the period fittings such as bonnet straps, Brooklands-can silencers, leather seats, wire wheels, engine turned dashboard and quick release fuel filler-cap, or with equal effect, it can be left with its clean, flowing lines in polished aluminium, the choice is yours.

Technical specification for the new style wire wheels; WM3 Rim accepting a 3.50 or 4.00 Avon SM tyre or similar. Weight of an MGA wheel inc adapter is 11kgs compared to this wheel which weighs 3kgs.

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Details of the Moto Guzzi powered option can be found here

The following pages are taken from the pre build manual and a price list

The price of the Super Sport is £995+VAT and the Brooklands is £1195+VAT (July 2012)

Contact Phil Gregory if you require any further information.

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